Writings from My Students

Report Cards
By Racine, 8th grade


Time is pressed.

Only a day ’till all these tests.


This year, I am teaching a creative writing class. At the end of the first quarter, my students made poetry portfolios showcasing their best work. Here are some works from two of my students.


Jordan, 10th grade


Thunder roar,
   Lightning flash.
The rain began to soar.

  Thunder, lightning, rain and all;
next thing you know the trees will fall.

The clouds start spinning,
    a tornado’es beginning.

When the sun arrives,
  we’ll see who else has survived.

Unknown Future…

I don’t know where
to go from here

As my future comes really near
I get stifled with fear
because my future is unclear.

There is one thing I know
that wherever I go
God will always be there.


A beginning.
A start.
The first of it all.
An ending.
A finish.
The last of the fall.


Racine, 8th grade

Untitled #1

Black night,
Dark night,
Fall night,
Star light.

Grey skies,
Dark skies,

Rain skies,
Scattered lies.

Blue breeze,
Cool breeze,
Whisper breeze,
hard to please.

Pretty flowers,
Swaying flowers,
Many flowers,
Persuasive powers.



Untitled #2

    Star light,
                         Fall night.

Lake serenity, tree whispers.

                        (Rise loon call) to the lake, wander.

                                  To the sky, mourn.

                        Like a lost shadow, cry.

                                  (To the islands) sing.

And to the dead of night,

Call the stars to life.


Untitled #3

The forest calls

Before the dead of night,

After the early morning.

                           The leaves,



                          The wind,



                          The trees,



We tower,

We call.

                               (The sky) we touch it.

                               (The ground) we hold it.

The birds flock to us,

Delighting us with their songs.

They pay us with their voices and we keep them safe in our outstretched limbs.


We stand and watch the dirt turn to dust, until finally…            We topple.