In Defense of Taylor

I was incredibly excited when “Red” was nominated for Album of the Year.

I bought “Red” the day it came out and I’m pretty sure it stayed in my car’s cd player for a solid year.

I went to the Red Tour. I wore a red dress. My friends and I were invited to see the show from the pit by Taylor’s dad himself. It was truly the most spectacular concert I have ever been to.

Let me explain why.

She played for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Every song had costumes and sets and lights and dancers and guitar solos and fog and moving stage parts and Taylor belting her heart out. This girl pulled out all the stops to make this show worthwhile for her fans. She gave it her all for the entire two hours, not a minute did she slack off or perform halfheartedly.

And as I have spent the past year with “Red”, dissecting every word of it, I have developed a deep appreciation for Taylor and her work. First of all, her lyrics are ripe with literary devices. I have used many a T. Swift lyric as examples in my classroom. Second, she is incredibly willing to express amazing vulnerability through her songs, but at the same time not necessarily blabbing every detail for all the world to know.

Now, yes, I am aware that she has had many boyfriends. I am aware that she’s made a lot of mistakes. But why is it that everyone acts as if she is the only one to have done this? As if no one else has been in multiple relationships or been with the wrong person. Puh-lease.

And why is it that whenever Taylor goes to an award show or performs at an award show, the media has to nitpick her existence to death? This time, the world is mocking her over her flipping her hair around. Really?


May I remind you all that just a few years ago we were all “whipping” our hair “back and forth” when Willow Smith, who was 9 at the time, was telling us it was cool?



What’s more, now the media is mocking Taylor for showing excitement upon hearing an “r” sound as they were announcing the winner for Album of the Year. Would we have mocked Daft Punk for the same reaction if they had lost? Of course not, because they wore helmets to mask their faces so they could avoid humiliation. I guess you should have worn a helmet too, Taylor.



How petty are we going to get?

“Look at Taylor over there drinking water like it’s the coolest thing in the world, she’s so stupid for liking water, I mean, seriously, water? Come on, water is sooo lame.”

I have 8th graders more mature than this.

Haters gonna hate.