To Tell or Not to Tell: The Santa Claus Dilemma

I recently found myself in a heated discussion with a friend who shall not be named (No, I’m not friends with Lord Voldemort.) over the Santa Claus issue. After hours of door slamming, foot stomping, outrageous accusing, and buckets of tears flowing, I finally had to admit that he was right, and Santa Clause does not actually exist.

Let’s pause for a moment, because the wound is still healing.

Okay, I haven’t believed in Santa since I was like, 7 or 8 or 17, or something like that. That was not the debate. The debate was: will you tell your children (should the Lord so will you to have children) about Santa Claus?

My thoughts were: sure, why not?

My nameless friend’s thoughts were quite different.

There has been much debate over whether or not Christian parents should raise their children allowing them to believe in Santa Claus. After all, we’re not celebrating the birth of Santa Claus or the birth of presents or evergreen trees or magical reindeer. Jesus really is the reason for the season (if that’s not too cliche).

Personally, I don’t believe children will grow up to be materialistic atheists if they’re allowed to believe in Santa. I also don’t believe they will grow up to be uncreative imagineless drones if they’re raised not to believe in Santa. I’m not really sure where I stand on the issue, but there are some Christmas traditions that I will be incorporating into the lives of my children, should the day come when I will reproduce.

#1) The Grinch- I know he’s supposed to be just a character in a story, but so is Santa. Even if my kids don’t believe in Santa, they will believe in the Grinch, and they will be on their best behavior lest he slither into the house at night and steal Christmas. I may even stage some fake Grinch sightings just to cement the idea in their brains.

#2) Feats of Strength- This is a Festivus tradition, but I firmly believe that everyone, no matter how old, should be able to arm wrestle their father.

#3) The Pink Nightmare- I will insist that my children wear hideous pajamas on Christmas Eve. The more plaid, the better. I don’t care if they’re all teenagers, they will wear hideous pajamas, they will pose for pictures in  front of the Christmas tree, and they will love it.

My kids will probably need therapy.

Merry Christmas!

PS: Treat yourself to some musical magic courtesy of my Santa-hating friend. 🙂


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