Hey God, check this out…

Isn’t it interesting the language we reserve for prayer? How often do we say “pour into” during a normal conversation? Or use words like “passion,” “abundance,” or “blessing?” Do we save this language for God in order to honor Him or do we not know how to relate to God in a human way? God became a human at one point, why should we struggle to communicate with Him?

Why do we need formulas for prayer? Is it so hard to sit down with the God of the universe and be honest and tell Him how you feel and what is going on in your life? Why do we need the ACTS model, the TPS, or the hand model to communicate with God? And what does that say to God about how we feel when we talk to Him?

“Gee God, I’d love to talk with you, here’s my agenda for this prayer.”

What has God done that has made us so insecure that we find it difficult to be honest with Him?

In the United States, we have so many formulas, plans, gimmicks, and accronyms designed to make our Christian walk easier and more convenient. We’ve placed our spirituality on a “To Do” list along with homework, work, soccer practice, appointments, errands, and projects. It’s become another part of our busy schedule, when God should be the driving force and delight of our lives. We’re so wrapped up in our facades and plastic, sterile lives that we can’t even be real and raw with the Creator who knows us so intimately that He knows our hearts’ desire before we even do.

When I come to God, I want to feel the weight of my humanity. I want to see the stark contrast between my God and me, and I want to feel the grace that falls over me and makes me more like Him.


One thought on “Hey God, check this out…

  1. I see what you're saying, but you have to remember that even the disciples weren't sure how to approach God. They asked Jesus how to pray and He gave them what probably could be called a formula. At least, I doubt He wants us to repeat it word for word. So in the Lord's Prayer we've got some "formula" type things: pray for God's will, your daily needs, forgiveness for our sins, grace to forgive others, etc. You say you want to feel the weight of your humanity when you approach God, but isn't that the exact thing that makes it difficult to approach Him? Isn't it appropriate to struggle to communicate with the God of the Universe? I don't like it when people come to Him with the words, "Hey God" because even though I get tired of "Dear God" too, I'm not sure I want to approach my Creator in that way. We are to approach Him in boldness because of what Christ has done but that does not mean to be flippant about who He is.Prayer is difficult. Being a Christian doesn't equal being a praying Christian. It's called a spiritual discipline for a reason. Being able to communicate with God well and intimately is a goal to strive for, but until you reach it, I think formulas or even words that we don't use in everyday conversation are appropriate. If you're goal is to get closer to our God, then I think He is pleased.

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