An Introduction and Warning

Soliloquy: A dramatic convention by means of which a character, alone onstage, utters his or her thoughts aloud – used to inform the audience about a character’s motivations or thoughts.

If anyone has known me for longer than an hour, they know that I am prone to my own outbursts of soliloquy. It happens at any given moment on a wide range of subjects, whether it’s my annoyance at a certain situation, while it is happening at the moment or because I’ve been stewing on it for some time, my excitement over any random event of my day (finding a Starbucks gift card in my book bag), or my need to be transparent. It is always unpredictable, often appalling, and usually peppered with what I like to think is good-natured and quirky humor.

So welcome to my blog. I don’t promise to be consistent and I don’t promise to always be entertaining. In the course of this blog you may find yourself offended, confused, or bored. I apologize for none of these things. It’s your time, spend it as you choose. Consider this fair warning for the trecharous waters ahead. And don’t be afraid to jump ship.


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